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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 23, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. steppedded up security at a bay area concert venue a man is shot and killed at a show last night. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm cristina rendon, heather holmes has night off. >> 24 hours later the shoreline amphitheater is full ops again. ktvu's debora villalon is live in mountain view with details about man shot and killed at a rap convert. >> reporter: kristina, 20,000 people are here for rascal flatts. you might hear that show is still going on as police look for whoever got a gun in here last night and used it.
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♪[ music ] wiz khalifa is a popular young rapper, nor known for praising pot than violence in his music. but last night violence came to him a half-dozen shots fired as his shoreline show was ending. >> we do want to catch the individual or individuals involved with the shooting rt the man killed friends say was 38-year-old erik johnson of oakland, a husband and father, concert promoter with a record label. he was to host an offparty at the san josi club after the concert. but about 11:00 p.m. johnson was shot several times. >> the shooting occurred backstage at shoreline amphitheater and right now we're looking for a suspect, could be multiple suspects. we have a description of one individual involved. >> reporter: that description, a black man in his 20s, 5'to 5'8, short hair, white participate and black shirt wearing a red baseball cap. he carried a black pistol with a large clip on it.
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>> it was weird how someone could sneak a gun? they were patting people down and it was completely secure. >> reporter: this fan won backstage access in a radio contest. >> there were no guys getting mad or arguing or anything. honestly the vibe seemed really good. >> reporter: with you she left before the show ended and backstage became a locked down crime scene. >> i have a 5-year-old son i have to come home to and it's not comforting. >> reporter: country western fans arriving for tonight's show were in high spirits, most probably not noticing an extra layer of police, and security personnel, on the concert grounds. >> i think it's a good thing. you can never be too careful; right? >> the worse i have seen is two girls get into a fight at a country concert, so i'm not worried at all. >> many were sorry to hear
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about the shooting, but unconcerned for their safety. >> this is country, everybody gets along here. it's all love. >> reporter: wiz khalifa performs tonight tight in irvine, but canceled tonight's show in san diego, blaming what he calls "circumstances beyond his control," police are not talking about a motive and whether the shooter and victim knew each other or artist. reporting live in mount view, debora villalon ktvu . late today rapper wiz khalifa tweeted "this was a senseless tragedy, violence is never the answer of my prayers go out to the victim's family ? a.right mount view police has taken to twitter to ask for help in the investigation. if you have pictures, video or tips about last night's shooting can you tweet details directly to police using the hashtag #mvpd info and call the police department with any information. happening now, east bay mud crews are busy at work had hour repairing two water-main breaks
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in east bay, that has left dozens of customers without service. this is a live look at the scene in richmond where moments ago crews completed work on a broken water line and sinkhole and patched up that entire hole. that water-main break happened in richmond around 1:45 this afternoon and created that sinkhole. about half an hour later, crews were called out to danville for another smaller water mapbreak. although water-main breaks happen regularly around the bay area, tonight crews are still cleaning up the mess that started hours ago. >> the burst of an old cement pipe. >> it was a loud pop, and that what got my attention. >> sent water gushing where stacy simpson lives in richmond. >> when i came outside i saw the middle of the road buckling up and water coming out everywhere. >> reporter: crews worked to fix the resulting sinkhole. an east bay mud spokesperson
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says about 45,000 gallons of water leaked in about an hour and a half. service was shut toff30 homes. >> the water was throwing down here and going across the street that way. >> reporter: and in danville, another burst of another cement pipe had another 30 homes without water. crews were digging up the street and diverting traffic near diablo road. east bay mud says water-main breaks are common, especially when dealing with old pipes, but it's first time these richmond residents have seen a sinkhole shut down their street. >> someone said there was a small hole originally and then they -- the people were driving over it, which made it bigger. >> reporter: people may do without water, spending time outside instead and counting down the hours of an unfortunate situation. >> my dad said hopefully they will fix it, you know, soon. but how soon is soon? >> and east bay mud says water-
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main breaks typically take between 6-8 hours to repair, but water is fully restored in richmond and it's estimated another two hours for people in danville to get their water back. more details now, leaky pipes are wasting what little water california has left. records show that water providers lost between 3-16% of their water to leaks in underground pipes and that settled to be enough water for about 71,000 family for a year. the drought is hitting a shall town in central california so hard families have run out of drinking water. the town of east porterville gets its water from wells. about 180 wells have run dry. local emergency crews are delivering bottled water, rationed at 12 gallons person, that is supposed to last three weeks. they are asking nearby businesses for donations to get by. new at 10:00 a search under the is underway in california for a man missing and presumed
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drowned. the 60-year-old man was reportedly an avid swimmer, who disappeared in the waters off salt creek beach near the famous laguna niguel ritz carlton in dana point. coast guard helicopters joined the search and a high-surf advisory is in place with waves reported to be between 4-6'. a dire warning from the united nations as officials say immediate action must be taken to prevent a massacre of turkman shi'ites in the northern town of amerli. warning comes as a series of bombings and attacks claimed the lives of 30 people. in kirkuk least 90 people were killed when three bombs exploded. and in baghdad, at least 11 people died when a suicide bomber drove a car into the intelligent headquarters. the u.n. nutt says ameli is surrendered by isis militant and are without basic supplies. the u.s. carried out an
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airstrike against isis to support iraq yawn kurdish operations and route out isis. white house officials raised the possibility of expanding airstrikes against isis in syria. officials estimate between 10:00 and 17,000 isis fighters, although others believe there may be three times that number. they say isis is the wealthiest terrorist group in the world. >> they have over $2 billion in assets. they are well-funded and they are operatings a cooperate entity. >> tonight the washington post reports a senior u.s. intelligence official told them it would probably take months before the u.s. could develop adequate intelligence to carry out an airstrike compensation again isis targets. the call comes as an israeli airstrike leveled an 11- story apartment building in
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gaza city. you see here, the israeli military warned residents to leave the building, but health officials say ten people were wounded including four children. the strike was one of about 60 carried out by israel today. the previous cease-fire between hamas and israel collapsed on tuesday. since then israel says more than 525 rockets have been fired into israel from gaza, with 69 of them intercepted by tea iron dome anti-missile- defense system. traffic was snarled in parts of is solano county. witnesses heard the car's driver say he didn't see the bike. a motorcycle rider died on the nimitz free this morning on
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southbound interstate 880 near the hegenberger off-ramp. highway patrol says the victim a 26-year-old hayward man driving in secrecy excess of 80 miles per hours when he apparently lost control and hit the center divider. investigators say the rider was thrown from the bike and landed in one of the traffic lanes where he was struck by a car. car's driver stopped at scene and is cooperating with officers. coast guard is working on bringing a disabled tanker into the bay for repairs. the pine galaxy suffered an engine room fire ten days ago, several hundred miles off the coast of oregon. ship officers say a crew member died into that and he was buried at sea. the coast guard is carrying several kinds of oils and oil additives. despite many turf trouble as levi staled the 49ers are ready to take on the san diego chargers tomorrow. the team said today the
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installation of temporary turf is complete. and more permanent turf will be installed after tomorrow's preseason game. an expert says the newed so is heavier and thick and should be able to be stable. it's not known yet why the originally installed turf fell apart after last sunday's game. >> ktvu has a special behind- the-scenes look at levi stadium, all-access pass levi stadium starts tomorrow afternoon and the 49ers game against the chargers at 11:00 of its after the game sports director mark ibañez hosts the point after where former running back ricky water nyse a pilot in southern california has some complaining after he was spotted flying over dodger stadium. this is video of the paraglider in the skies over los angeles. because the dodgers were playing, flying was not allowed over the stadium. according to kttv in los angeles, air-traffic controllers tried to contact the pilot to no avail. a police helicopter eventually got the pilot to land and
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officers questioned the pilot. we see it more and more, police officers dressed like members of the military. details about the review that could bring an end to that. and talk about an increase in value? he bought it for $50 last month and now it's worth up to '50,000. a very rare signature that caused this mark up. >> his life was a wet towel, he was wringing it to get every drop of life out of it. >> it should have been happiest time of his life and stead his friends mourn his death. the touching goodbyes to a man that died doing what he loved. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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. the naacp protested today in the streets fergson missouri. a youth rally marched to the site where a white police officer killed an unarmed black teenager on august 9th today's protest stayed peaceful, relief after two weeks' of protest and violence. the shooting death of brown raises questions about police tactics and weaponry. toes president obama ordered a review of programs. police across the country are requiring heavy equipment. according to a senior official, president has asked white house
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staff to coordinate with congress on the issue. they will explore in the programs are appropriate and whether local agencies are getting the necessary training. in ferguson, police have met protesters are armored trucks, sten grenade and assault rifles, but they scaled back in the last few days and today a protest supported the officer who shot michael brown. >> we darren wilson. supporters of officer darren wilson will say evidence will show that -- videotape allegedly showed brown robbing a clerk. >> we share the beliefs that officer wilson's actions were warranted and justified . a local grand jury will decide if chars should be brought against officer wilson. the u.s. justice department is conducting its own investigation. meanwhile, ferguson is getting ready for what is sure to be a massive financial for michael brown. services take place monday at
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the baptiste church. the church says it's work with the local police and its own security to make sure everyone is safe. white house just announced three officials will attend. the reverend al sharpton will give a eulogy to honor michael brown who was 18 years old when he died. >> today on stanton island thousands came out to protest the death of a father of six who died after he was placed in what appeared to be a choke- hold by a police officer. >> groups gathered near the site where 43-year-old eric garner died last month, when officers approached garner for allegedly selling illegal cigarettes. in video, one officer appears to hold garner in a check hold, a technique planned by the nyc police department and several officers held him down. garner is heard several times saying he couldn't breathe. >> we're not going stop protesting. we're not going to stop
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rallying the medical examiner says garner died from compression of the neck and chest and his health problems including asthma and obesity were contributing factors. the stanton island district attorney has not said if any officers will be charged for the crime in connection with garner's death. with just $50 a bakersfield storeowner is now the owner of a piece of history, worth tens of thousands of dollars. according to kephart a man came into his store with what looks like a civil war ra document what he said he found at the bottom of his grandmother's chest. on the dom was president abraham lincoln's signature. kephart decided to take the chance. >> i thought if it isn't real it might look all right hanging on the wall. kephart says he has had the document checked out and experts say it's authentic, worth
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worth thousands. a weekend of lugging and unpack as thousands of new students move into the dorms at uc berkeley. chancellor nicholas dirks was there to great students moving in. while most students said they were excited to start their studies, some parents said saying goodbye was bittersweet. >> chancellor dirks was happy owelcome the students. >> it's a different environment and from the beginning we want it to be everything that this can be for them to take full advantage of this great university. >> a student convocation is set for monday afternoon and classes begin on thursday. san josi state university is facing a growing problem, just before skoog starts, mold. campus administrators tell the mercury news there is mold in the journalism building and some employees on the eastside of the building may have to move out. a faculty member says he has been complaining for more than
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a year and that floors are buckling and people have gotten sick. most of the classrooms are on the other side of the building away from the mold. in the thick of back to school shopping retailers are being warned about computer virus that can attack cash registers. the virus can swipe customer information. ups recently announced that the virus hit registers in more than 50 stores and malaware was found including the ups on crescent drive in pleasant hill and in campbell. developers in davis took their case to the public today to build support for a commercial research park. the park would be built on almost 200 acres of farmland. supporters include property owners who say it's the sort of project that will let companies that started davis stay in davis. >> great companies that have been homegrown and need more expansion and room and that is what we're here to do is accommodate that growth. >> opponents of the business park say the land should remain
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undeveloped. the city council recently took action to make sure that another profit land nearby remains farmland forever. up next on the 10:00 news, cotch for the families of sick chick. >> kaiser shows off its new children's wing in the oakland medical center. a doctor explains the special touches that went into the design. >> and the alarming story of a california woman bringing lifelike dolls of babeies into a hospital and why she says she is innocent of any wrongdoing. and in weather, the fog is regrouping right now. coming up, the temperature change in your sunday forecast and when 90s make a comeback on long-range weather maps?
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yao kaiser permanente invited the public to see its new pediatric skirt. more than a hundred attended the back to school event, that featured tour of the new wing of the kaiser it's seas a
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family-friendly place and enables parents to focus on their children, when they are sick. >> parents have a little pull- out bed that they can stay with their kids. there is an interactive screen for the kids to use. our staff are all trained especially to take care of kids and families. >> flood blogger ayesha curry, wife of stephen curry demonstrated at the event. >> a woman is being charged with trespassing after she tried to sneak into a maternity ward with lifelike baby dolls of the police say bo es tried twice to get into the maternity ward in merce yesterday and police feel she may have by trying to kidnap a baby. she says the whole thing is a misunderstanding. >> i didn't mean to make anybody feel threatened or scared or breaked out bo is said she is unabe to have children and makes the dolls as a form of therapy for women
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that can't have them. >> on when would be ktvu's reporter faith fancher's birthday awas a long time reporter at ktvu, who chronicles her 6.5-year battle with the disease. friends remember faith as a woman bubbling over with energy and enthusiasm, a fierce journalist. proceeds from today walk helped uninsured or underinsured men and women fighting breast cancer in the bay area. >> it's for things like emergency funding, for rent, somebody's car breaks down, they need child-care to go to their chemo appointment. >> tonight friends of faith is still tallying up the numbers from today's walk and remind all who couldn't join today that donations are welcomed all
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yearlong. well, i just want to say that i was able to host this morning the event for friends for faith with our colleague david clark and it was wonderful to see so many people out there and want to say a big thank you to all the people who attended that event g.j. the a's and ainges battling it out in oakland. tonight in sportswrap, could the a's new ace on the mound bring them into a tie for the division. place he died climbing hours after proposing to his girlfriend. how his friends remembered the world traveler at one of his favorite places.
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dozens surfers gathered at the mouth of russian river to stay farewell to one of them. brad parker died while rock climbing in yosemite park. just hours later he proposed his girlfriend, who said yes. friends and family remembered parker has as a suher, chef,oingo instructor and choose to remember the world traveler in one of his favorite places. >> they came had their wet suits bearing surfboard and flowers to remember a man that many openly say they idolized. >> the very target at 36 would have this many people come out
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to rib him and celebrate his life, that says more than any words that i could say. >> reporter: brad parker died doing what he loved. hours after proposing to his gid, he fell during a climb many tuolumne medous. it's a heart-breaking lost to his hours long fiancie and friend and family and those who knew him in his quest to live life to the fullest. >> can you say life life, brad parker, be the best person that you can be. >> aloha, aloha, aloha. >> after a traditional hawaiian chant dozens paddled out to the mouth russian river, pausing to reflect on brad's effect on their lives.
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one said "brad did more than he could ever ask." he saved hi son-in-law's life and i have two beautiful granddaughters that wouldn't by alive today if it wasn't for brad. >> he will be remembered for so many individual things, but the lasting impression that anyone will know is just an overwhelming joy of life. >> at at the end of the paddle out a loud cheer and splashing. [cheering]. >> jeremiah khamoson says brad was his best friend. >> if life was a wet towel he was wringing to get every drop of life out of it and i'm incredibly grateful and appreciative to have shared in some of that. >> following the paddle out another vigil was held this
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afternoon at in sebastopol. brad park's ashes will be gather scattered in the plays he loved the most, yosemite, hawai'i and the sonoma coat. sailors on their way to the middle east on board a strike group of navy warships. they left behind family members who were clearly affected by the departure. >> i'm so proud, it's unbelievable. i am jut -- my emotions are up and down and this way and that way. >> he is doing what he loves to do and i support that. the strike group is led by the aircraft carrier uss vincent and the ships are scheduled to be explode for 9.5 month. while navy officials won't confirm it is expected it will be used to deal with isis. a major iraq has rocked the area near chile's capitol, open
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moils from the capital of santiago. u.s.g.s. says most quakes tend to be shallow. chile's coast like our own is part of the rick of fire, the most seismically active area in the world. >> the airlines are on high alert for a possible volcanic eruption in iceland. airspace sounding bardarbunga shut down an eruption underneath a nearby glacier caused the ice to melt. authorities are worried that the volcano will cause visibility problems for planes and endanger tourists viewing the scenic area. >> the rock under the waterfall appearses to be weak. an eruption could bring chunks of ice and a large amount of mud to this part. >> in 2010 an volcanic eruption disrupted international air travel for weeks affecting 100,000 flights and millions of passengers. celebrating a big birthday. giant panda bao bao turned 1-
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year-old today. caretakers gave her a frozen treat of some apple juice and extra fruit. she is also participated in a traditional chinese ceremony to predict her future. fortunately she picked peaches which symbolized longevity. she has grown from about one pound to 44 pound. >> that is one big manda. >> yes, sir it is. it's something that you have to hear to believe. a talking dog that says something its owners must love. plus meteorologist mark tamayo with your bay area forecast. here is a live look from the bay bridge, 60 degrees in the san francisco area. we'll have your forecast coming up next
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. over the past week our weather pattern not changing too much. temperatures just minor changes over past few days, but there will be a change as we head into the new week right now we have the low clouds and fog banked up near shoreline and steady onshore breeze that transports that fog back into the bay over the next-6 hours. here is a closer look at the
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fog pattern towards half moon bay and sfo and parts of san francisco as well, especially towards the sunset district. out towards the richmond as well. so we have a steady deck of overcast for this part of the bay area. current numbers right now, it's 59 degrees in santa rosa, san francisco currently 60, concord 64 and san josi at last check reporting 64 degrees and the forecast for tomorrow, as you can see lots of sunshine into the afternoon hours. san josi on-track to reach the upper 70s. fog will continue to be on the increase. here is our live camera towards the bay bridge and basically we're expecting that overcast to parainto that region over the next few hours. for tomorrow, morning fog clearing back and near the coastline. tomorrow not a big change from today's pattern and the niners playing towards at levi stadium, the game on ktvu and that is the game kicks off at 1:00. mostly sunny skies and might be a little cooler than last week's game, but still fairly
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warm so be prepared for the warthing, temperatures in the upper 70s. and winds 15 miles per hour. for the extended forecast, warming trend and 90s making and inland on-track to reach the mid-80s coming up in a little bit. temperatures for the overnight hours, the fog coastside and also the fog around the bay itself. so we'll start out your sunday morning are lots of 50s out there. there is a weak weather system to our north, basically capping our temperatures for tomorrow. cool temperatures for the beaches and warm temperatures aswy you work your way inland. high pressure returns by tuesday, wednesday and thursday. especially by thursday, i'm thinking that the warmest locations inland easily back into the low to mid-90s. 95, possibl 96 degrees. here is hurricane track all generating south swell, so keep
10:39 pm
that in mind with an increase in the rip current activity, but the main focus has been towards southern california. you will notice the rainband developing by thursday. we'll have to keep an eye on this for next weekend. zipping by tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday, look at moisture developing offshore and this particular forecast model one of the most aggressive is bring something rain showers into the bay area. that would be a week from now. so still a ways out and honestly a lot of forecast models keeping us dry. so we'll keep an eye on that potential forecast. so keeping it cool for the beaches. warmest locations inland on- track to reach the 80s for afternoon showers. maybe a few low 90s towards clear lake. livermore 84 degrees. san josi in the upper 70s to right around 79 and san francisco 67. a look ahead, your five-day forecast, we'll gradually
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warm up the numbers by wednesday and thursday. we'll have could keep an eye on labored. labor day. >> thank you mark. on treasure island the second annual strut the mutt included chances to talk to vets and trainers about dog issues and there were a lot of dogs there. bay area rescue groups raised money to keep their efforts going. >> it's a fun run, it's a dog walk and doggy-themed festival and we have all kinds of rescue groups from the san francisco area who raise funds for their programs here at strut. so everything that they raise is kept by the organization. >> i got to be the emcee there the as it t-was a lot of fun. organizers settle a $15078,000 goal for the event, one of a dozen held around the nation. in chicago a dog is telling his owners something that they
10:41 pm
like to hear. >> i love you. >> the owners say they trained their sirenain husky damen to say "i love you," the couple adopted dam yep from a local shelter and during the first month he didn't howl or speak, but say caught on to his lessons quickly and he is the tracting customers to their frame shop because of his talents. wow. talented dog. tonight the giants had to ep dur a rain delay again in washington this time. and cot a's pull even with the angels in the american league west? joe fonzi with the highlights next in sportswrap.
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. a's made two separate mid- season deals for pitching and tonight they say that philosophy pay off as their big series with the ainge owes continued at the coliseum. this could very well be a preview of the playoffs are jon lester going against wilson. runs at a premium. sam fuld with the hit to score jonny gomes. the a's have a 1-0 lead that stood up for a while. josh hamilton digs the ball out and the relay is good. bang bang at the plate and donaldson called out. this play was reviewed and just about as close as a play can be. the ruling on the field stood and it remained a 1-0 game. that looked to be a huge play from theth, ibar reached out
10:45 pm
and makes contact for a hit that scores kendrick. 1-1. lester finished the inning, but would know be in involved in the decision. the angel's joe smith uncorked a pitch that ianetta couldn't knock down allowing the run to score. reason for concern, after the throw, doolittle seemed to be grimacing in pain. either way the as he were 2-1 winners. they share the best record in baseball. while the a's and angels are battling at the top of the division, seattle is making its move. dustin ackley at fenway park, this ball on the fair side for a 3-run shoot. that is all the mariners needed for the-3 win. boston's david ross not happy with


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